Teen/Adult Chewable Probiotic

About the product
✅ BEST TASTING PROBIOTIC for TEENAGERS AND ADULTS: Tastes like candy! Our unsurpassed great taste makes it easy for teenagers and adults both to take
✅ ROUND CANDY SHAPES: Adults and teens will love eating these probiotics
✅ COMPARE TO CULTURELLE INGREDIENTS: 50 chewable tablets with 10 billion CFU and 10 strains, including acidophilus similar to culterelle
✅ SUGAR FREE, ALL NATURAL INGREDIENTS: 100% natural, vegan/vegetarian, gluten free, no additives or harmful chemicals. All products are tested for purity and contamination.
✅ BEST PROBIOTIC FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY: Probiotics help with regularity and to keep the good bacteria in charge of your gut and support a healthy immune system